Cleaner Air in Streatham Hill - How can you help?

CAV seminar- Streatham Hill Cleaner Air


Our seminar with Cross River Partnerships on July 30th focused on how businesses can work together to reduce air pollution on Streatham Hill. The project, which is funded by central government, was set up to hear local views about deliveries of goods and services in the area, what works and what doesn’t and how potential solutions could look like.

Streatham Hill had been identified by Lambeth Council and the GLA as a pollution hotspot in the borough and deliveries of goods and services significantly contribute to this. There are many things a business can do to improve air quality for your staff as well as customers while reducing costs at the same time.

In case you were unable to attend, please find attached a copy of the presentation below.

You can contact us to get involved or contact Kate at [email protected]