Enter your business for the Lambeth Business Awards!

Celebrating the best and brightest businesses in the borough, The Lambeth Business Awards are looking for worthy nominees. Therefore, if you're in business, be sure to enter!

This year's categories are as follows:

  • Best Start-Up Business – recognising the on-going role that all new businesses play in growing our economy, especially in Lambeth.
  • Best Innovation - rewarding the business which has launched the most innovative or creative new product, process, service or form of working.
  • Business Gives Back – recognising the business that gives back to the community, environment or its team in the best way. 
  • Best Young Person – acknowledging the achievements of 18-24 year-olds who have exceeded expectations and shown a dynamic approach to moving forward in the business.
  • Best Independent Retailer – highlighting the contribution of independent retailers to the Lambeth economy and shopping experience. 
  • Best Place to Eat and Drink – rewarding the restaurant, café, pub, bar or the like that excels in offering a great place to meet, eat or drink as well as first class customer service. 
  • Best High-Growth Business – recognising the established business which has achieved the strongest and most sustained growth over the past two years, whether it is in terms of turnover or employee numbers – or both.

The 2014 'Business of the Year' will be selected from the winners or the commended businesses from the aforementioned categories (excluding 'Best Young Person', which is an individual award).

New for 2014: the shortlisted entries in 'Best Place to Eat and Drink' and 'Best Independent Retailer' will be open to a public vote to determine the 'people’s choice', so to speak.  

For more information on the categories and how to enter, please visit: www.lambethbusinessawards.com