Immanuel and St Andrews Church of England School

Immanuel and St Andrews School is a C of E primary school in Streatham South. Originally built on the site of the Sainsbury's superstore in 1861, it moved to its present location behind Sainsbury's in the mid-1980s. Although it is a Church of England school, with 50% of the intake reserved for churchgoers, the school is popular with all faiths because of its emphasis of celebration of faith in its curriculum. Perhaps this and the cultural diversity of the school might mean that educational attainment suffers? On the contrary; for the past three years, the school has been in the top 10% of Lambeth borough primary school attainment in all subjects and this has been a consistently upward trend as well. It's not surprising that the school has been oversubscribed for the past three years. Immanuel and St Andrews was Streatham's smallest primary schools until school expansion meant it needed to grow to be a two-form entry school and will once again rank as one of the smallest primary schools in the area as others are in the process of expanding to three or four form entry. it is very popular because the school community is very friendly and parental involvement is very high. An indirect effect of this is outstandingly good behaviour on the part of children: there have been no exclusions for some years, and the Head teacher expects this to continue to be the norm. Because of expansion, the school needed new classrooms and other facilities. An ambitious building project over past year has brought the school's facilities right up-to-date and the children love their new classrooms. The Head and Governors are bringing out a new Charter for parents this year, pledging additions to the curriculum including a range of foreign language teaching, and the very popular “Forest School” where the children study plants and wildlife on Streatham Common. The school's football team consistently ranks in the top half of the Lambeth Primary Schools League and competitive tag rugby, cricket, chess and athletics are regular events.