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Improve staff skills with Wandsworth council apprenticeships

Wandsworth borough

inStreatham are pleased to announce that Wandsworth Borough Council are offering local businesses the chance to upskill their existing staff, under the apprenticeship scheme.

Apprenticeships are in-work training programmes offered by employers under which the apprentice engages in on- and off-the-job learning and development activities that will lead to a work-based qualification. Most employers will work with a third-party training provider to deliver the external element of the training.

The qualifications that we currently recruit and deliver training for that may be suitable are: 

  • IMPL Level 5 Diploma for leaders and Managers £9000
  • IMPL Level 3 Diploma for Managers normally £5000
  • Business Admin Level 3 £2500
  • Business Admin Level 2 £2000

Although apprenticeships have traditionally been taken on by young workers, people of any age can complete an apprenticeship, even where they already have a qualification at the same or a higher level in a different area. The only condition is that the apprenticeship must enable the apprentice to develop a new set of skills. For example, someone who has completed a degree in business may not be eligible to complete a level 6 or 7 apprenticeship in business management, but someone with a degree in engineering will be. This means that there is scope for employers to use apprenticeships to upskill their existing workforce at relatively low additional cost.

Due to the Changes in Govt. funding that took effect in April 2017, businesses only pay 10% for the qualification while the Government pays 90%. To find out more, please contact the team on 0208 871 8618 or visit their website here.