Jobs Fair: Would you like some help filling your existing vacancies?

Streatham Youth Community Trust (SYCT) is to host a jobs fair on the 29th of September.

Streatham Youth Community Trust is a charity dedicated to meeting the needs of local young people through the provision of a wide range of activities in education and training, personal development and support for disadvantaged groups. Young local leaders have suggested that a jobs fair be organised specifically for young people looking for part time, seasonal and entry level jobs. It is estimated that there are currently 492,000 young people aged 16-24 who are unemployed and approximately.

They would like to invite local employers who have real job opportunities and would consider employing someone under the age of 21. The Jobs Fair is an opportunity for local employers to promote their job opportunities to local young people. It  is  completely  FREE to  attend  to  promote  your  vacancies  or  simply  send  us  your  job  details  and  application  forms  and  the charity  will  promote them for you.

The  jobs  fair  will  target  young  people  under  the  age  of  24  who  might  be  looking  for  their  first  steps  into  the  world  of  work,  students  looking  for  seasonal  or  part  time  work  and  young  people  looking  for  a  change. This event is a multi-sector event and will be sorted into the following sectors:

  • Blue: Bars and restaurants
  • Yellow: Sports and Leisure
  • Green: Manual such as motor mechanics
  • Purple: Public Sector and transport
  • Orange: Retail
  • Red: Office

Each sector will have an SYCT or partner to represent that sector and promote the jobs on offer. It’d be great if employers could attend on the day however as it is a working day for many, SYCT would be happy to promote vacancies and hand out applications forms. Mini workshops will run throughout the afternoon related to applying for and securing a job.

The fair will take place on Saturday 29th September between 2pm – 5pm at Streatham Youth Club, Conyers Road, Streatham.

This  is  about  Streatham  pulling  together  to  create  a  stronger  community  by  supporting  local  employers  to  employ  local  people.    If  you  would  like  any  more  information  or  to  notify  us  of  your  interest,  please  email  [email protected]