Loss of water supply compensations

Thames water and Castle Water

Following several discussions with Thames Water, the BID has been informed that Castle Water is the company handling the retailing activities of Thames Water for business customers since April 2017, therefore are the respondent company.

It is advised that businesses contact Castle Water instead of Thames Water for compensation for the loss of water that took place a few weeks ago. Castle Water have stated: "Although loss of supply is the responsibility of Thames Water, Castle Water is responsible for administering payments under Ofwat’s Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS) for customers." They are currently working with Thames Water to administer GSS payments for the loss of supply experienced by many business customers in London. This includes identifying customers in the Thames Water supply area who are entitled to GSS payments and to ensure it has accurate details of the supply losses suffered.

Most businesses will have received a letter from Thames Water letting them know how much they are entitled to. They've confirmed the following payments be made to customers who were without water for a total of more than 4 hours: 

4 to 12 hours - £30

12 to 24 hours - £50

24 to 48 hours - £100

48 to 72 hours - £150

In regards to business interruption, Thames Water have said, "The legal position with regard to this is that we do not have a liability for your loss of profit. Compensation for loss of profit is normally only payable when it is as a consequence of material/physical damage caused to your property. This was not the case on this occasion so your loss of profit is deemed as pure economic loss and is not recoverable in law."

If you were affected by the repair works, please contact Castle Water by submitting your details online at www.castlewater.co.uk/supplyclaim2018.

Alternatively, email [email protected] confirming:

  • Business name
  • Account number (e.g. TW12345678)
  • Supply address
  • Start date of loss of supply
  • Date supply was restored
  • Contact number
  • Contact name
  • Contact email