Make a nappy happy!

St Michael’s Fellowship nappy happy

Local charity St Michael’s Fellowship is asking local people to donate any spare packs of nappies they have to help them support local families in need.

“We know lots of parents, grandparents and carers might have spare packets they no longer need lying around in bottom drawers and the back of cupboards. Nappies are really expensive and make a huge difference to a family’s budget.” Says Hillary Box the charity’s fundraising manager.

Along with nappies they are also interested in any women’s sanitary products which also have a huge impact on a family’s monthly budget, especially if they have teenage girls. 

They would like local businesses to help by liking their Facebook, twitter or instragram pages and sharing the posts about the campaign to their customers who might be interesting in helping local families not as lucky as them.

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St Michael’s are also looking for volunteers or local businesses to help create a sensory play room in one of the residential houses where some of the most vulnerable children and families in the country come to stay.

They are trying to teach better parenting and showing how play can help babies and children grow and bond with their parents. Lots of the parents and children they support have learning difficulties and would really benefit from this space. 

“We have a room filled to the brim with furniture that needs sorting, some walls that need painting. If you or a group of you might be interested in helping with this soon, please get in touch too.” Said Ellie a Family support worker at the house. Contact: [email protected] or call Sarah on 020 8835 9570 for more information about the charity visit their website