The inStreatham Business Improvement District is here to make the Streatham Town Centre a lively, attractive shopping destination and a safe, desirable place for people to enjoy the night-life. The inStreatham Board is now preparing to re-ballot based on their work completing their 2020 vision for the area. Read about the good news happening locally...

2018 and beyond!

In 2018, businesses will have the opportunity to decide on whether to continue with the great work of inStreatham.

Apply for local discretionary rate relief scheme

Under the 2017 Business Rates Revaluation, Lambeth businesses have seen the fourth highest rateable value increase in the country.

Many local businesses in Lambeth will face a rise in excess of 30%. In the Spring Budget, Central Government made available a further Discretionary Fund for Local Authorities to assist businesses affected by the 2017 Revaluation. The additional funds will facilitate a discretionary scheme to help businesses struggling to meet their new increased business rates charge. 

Celebrating Streatham from Hill to Vale!

The 16th annual Streatham Festival took place this year on July 1st 2017 – July 9th 2017. The festival was jam packed with live music, world-class art and lots of fun for little ones. As the theme of the year was Celebrating Streatham, it was only right to revel in all of the fantastic things that Streatham has to offer.

19 Bar top of the fest! - Streatham Food Festival

19 Bar has been voted as the favourite venue of the Streatham Food Festival 2017.

The eighth annual Streatham Food Festival returned this year on Thursday 22nd June through to Sunday 25th June. Over 30 of Streatham’s wonderful eateries took part with Each restaurant or cafe  offering a selection of three dishes - all costing less than £5, allowing guests to taste their way around Streatham.

Improve staff skills with Wandsworth council apprenticeships

inStreatham are pleased to announce that Wandsworth Borough Council are offering local businesses the chance to upskill their existing staff, under the apprenticeship scheme.

Apprenticeships are in-work training programmes offered by employers under which the apprentice engages in on- and off-the-job learning and development activities that will lead to a work-based qualification. Most employers will work with a third-party training provider to deliver the external element of the training.

Love Streatham Family Fun Day

The 2017 Love Streatham Fun Day attracted a large audience this July.

The event, which was free was put together by Love Streatham and hosted a fantastic day of fun and games with the aim to share God’s love for the people of Streatham. 

Love Streatham are a group of people from a range of local churches that exist for the benefit of the Streatham community. The event is held every year during summer.

We've placed new street sideseating in Leigham Court Road

Take a seat and enjoy The View from Streatham

New seating and planting has been installed at key locations in Streatham.

Leigham Court Road and Streatham station are the first to have their layout enhanced with the new seating, the aim is to encourage passersby to relax and watch Streatham in action during the summer months.Feedback from the local community has been great with lots of positive comments on inStreatham's Twitter feed, which now reaches nearly 3,000 people. 

Streatham festival season is almost over

As we draw closer to the end of summer, we are also rounding up on Streathams' Summer Season Festival Time. This summer, we've had an array of events from Streatham Food Festival to Love Streatham Family Fun Days and to finish it all up, we have the Streatham free film festival coming up next month from the 16th - 23rd September 2017.

The free film festival sees some great films being shown this year including La La Land