The inStreatham Business Improvement District is here to make the Streatham Town Centre a lively, attractive shopping destination and a safe, desirable place for people to enjoy the night-life. The inStreatham Board is now preparing to re-ballot based on their work completing their 2020 vision for the area. Read about the good news happening locally...

Cleaner Air in Streatham Hill - How can you help?


Our seminar with Cross River Partnerships on July 30th focused on how businesses can work together to reduce air pollution on Streatham Hill. The project, which is funded by central government, was set up to hear local views about deliveries of goods and services in the area, what works and what doesn’t and how potential solutions could look like.

Make a nappy happy!

Local charity St Michael’s Fellowship is asking local people to donate any spare packs of nappies they have to help them support local families in need.

“We know lots of parents, grandparents and carers might have spare packets they no longer need lying around in bottom drawers and the back of cupboards. Nappies are really expensive and make a huge difference to a family’s budget.” Says Hillary Box the charity’s fundraising manager.

Highlights from our Social media workshop and summer social

The third monthly BID Buisness Development programme took place on July 18th, 2018.

Thank you to everyone that attened and to everyone that made it a success!

Kapow Network kicked off the presnetation with an intriguing demonstration before social media expert Emma delivered all the tips 'n' tricks to help grow your business digitally. Businesses discovered they can utilise their social media platforms to engage with more customers.

Streatham Business Awards is back for 2018!

Entries to the 2018 Streatham Business Awards are now open!

The Streatham Business Awards are back again this year. On the 30th of October, our independent judging panel will be announcing businesses that make a positive difference to Streatham and the people that live here, as well as showing good business sense.

This year we have a total of nine categories, listed below:

Babington Road


If you’ve been around Babington plaza recently, you’ll have noticed a new addition to the area. InStreatham and Lambeth Council recently came together to develop a few eye-catching planters that were installed across the plaza. This is to help introduce safe driving in the area and boost the scenery.

Cleaner Air Villages

Improve air quality in Streatham

Did you know that you can save time and money by reviewing how you procure goods and services whilst improving Streatham's air quality at the same time? Please come to a seminar to discuss how we can work together to reduce air pollution from deliveries in the area.  Refreshments provided. 

Streatham Food Festival wants you!

Calling all lovely Streatham folks! Are you looking to get more involved with your local community?

The Streatham Food Festival needs some volunteers to help with handing out programmes for the Food Festival.

You'd be need on board for a few hours, for full details email [email protected]

GDPR Workshop

Our GDPR workshop, held on the 21st May 2018,focused on what the new GDPR regulation means to us all and the potential risk attached to non-compliance. The workshop clarified many misunderstandings surrounding the new law.

In summary:

Theatre performances coming to Streatham

Streatham Theatre Company presents "Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders" by Derek Webb. 

Streatham Theatre Company is Streatham’s own local ‘open access’ theatre company. We give everyone the opportunity to get involved in theatre. Agatha Crusty (pronounced Croosty) is an amateur production by special arrangement with Stagescripts Ltd.