Our Mission: 2018 - 2023

We are writing a new chapter in Streatham's success story and we're proud that local businesses and the BID are working together to build an even brighter, more profitable and attractive community for all.

In 2013, we had big ambitions for Streatham. A vision for change driven by confidence, belief and a real passion for Streatham. Since then, Streatham is being noticed in new and exciting ways every day. We want to continue to build this growing reputation of Streatham as an attractive destination.

A voice for business. A vision for the community. A future together.

  • Focus on marketing to generate buzz, excitement and positive media attention around the town and events.
  • Take ‘Destination Streatham’ Pan-London. Promote Streatham across Greater London to attract even more visitors, businesses and shoppers to our vibrant town.
  • Greater support for ‘Streatham Village’ regeneration including painting above shop fronts to enhance architectural features.
  • Destination Streatham, you are here! Stylish way-finding and signage designed by local artists.
  • Safer, cleaner roads for all. BID will lobby for green buses and 20mph speed limits.
  • Progress the look of the high street. Help and incentivise businesses to look better, trade in better ways and to keep shop fronts clean.
  • Continue recycling services and cleaning services to stay on top.
  • Lobby TfL for improved bus provision East to West to encourage local shoppers and revellers from neighbouring areas such as Balham and Norwood.

  • Listen to local needs. Commission consumer research to find out what our residents really want.
  • Shopper insights. BID will capture demographic data to analyse who goes where to shop and why.
  • Curate the high street. Engage more with landlords and leaseholders to improve the retail environment and increase diversity.
  • Greater retail diversity. Work with start-ups, support new businesses and encourage businesses that meet the needs of Streatham residents.
  • Seek to attract the High Street Chains that help give the high road an upmarket feel.

  • Excite people about our rich heritage, green spaces (Streatham Common, Streatham Green & Rookery), great schools and stunning architecture e.g. the Dyce Fountain and our high street buildings.
  • The BID will grow the annual festival and event programme; more cultural and creative events, more footfall.
  • Increase entertainment, arts and theatre in Streatham with investment and support.
  • The inStreatham team will forge closer links with community leaders and work even harder together to change old perceptions of Streatham