Streatham Action

Streatham Action is the civic forum for the wider Streatham civic community. It is an active group of local volunteers who seek to improve life, work and play in the area by supporting and working with local groups, residents and businesses to turn good ideas into reality.

Streatham Action also provide opportunities for discussion on issues affecting the local area, ensuring the voice of Streatham is heard. Streatham Action committee members are drawn from all walks of life locally and each is expected to provide input on local matters and to be able to get to grips with the detail of local issues. It is not talking shop.

Local residents can also volunteer to be part of a working group. These groups focus on key issues within our community, including Transport, Communications, Crime & Community Safety, Small Grants and Community Planning.

More information about Streatham Action can be found at

If you are interested learning more about the work of the group, please contact Streatham Action at [email protected].uk